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Scream Magazine

(Review from Norway)  

Thunder Rider

”Tales Of Darkness And Light Pt II”


5 pts. Reviewed In Scream # 84 by; Leif Kringen

Between six and seven years have already passed since ”Tales Of Darkness And Light Pt. I” was released, and finally the follow-up is here. Canada’s Thunder Rider is one of quite few bands that stands out, and kind of have their own identity in today’s overcrowded metal scene. Of course there are elements her that remind the experienced listener of bands like Manilla Road, Doomsword and perhaps also Virgin Steele, but Thunder Rider puts the whole thing together in their own way. I guess it helps to be into the more obscure side of heavy/power metal to really appreciate this offering, cause the weird vocals of John Blackwing, the dark, almost haunting atmosphere, the underground production and the strange melodies will probably not appeal to all of you. On the other side, if you’re tired of all the shit that is labelled as metal nowadays, but clearly don’t deserve it, and are looking for some dark, epic stuff, this is the thing. You’ll find some unforgettable hymns her: ”Thy Kingdom Come”, ”Death Angel” and ”Lucky Devil” are only three. There’s really not much negative to say about this album, but I feel that the keyboard sounds a bit out of place here and there.  A few of the songs also strike me as quite similar-sounding. However, this is a great album, recommended to all underground-maniacs out there!

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