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This album is the return of the Canadian Kings, which was initially released in 2001 on vinyl in a limited number of copies. John Blackwing and his companion decided to re-release their 2nd album on CD. Those who posses their first album must already be excited as that album is highly respected and worshipped by the vast majority of the Epic metal fans. What I believe is that this album should not be faced as the continuance of the first album but as a brand new independent release by the same band. Why do I say that? Simply because the band has changed the way that they compose their songs by adding more choruses and organs although you can still recognize immediately that they are Thunder Rider songs from a mile away! Blackwings vocals are still there, proud and deep as well as the mystic atmosphere that the band always had the privilege to produce in its songs. What is new on the CD compared with the vinyl in the songs section is that it contains 5 new tracks, 2 of which are instrumental. As it happened with their first albums re-release in CD-format, the bonus tracks added are not there just to fill some space but instead they are great songs, equally good to the ones that were included in the vinyl release and they could have been easily included into the vinyl format as well. As regards to the rest that accompany a release apart from the music content I must say that Thunder Rider really worked hard on this part as the "hardware" of the CD includes many surprises which are not even included into other mainstream bands releases which supported by huge promotion from their record labels. As the band kept these surprises as a secret it would be a mistake if I revealed them to you. So, I'll just say that the release is accompanied by a great 22-paged booklet with great paintings and even the melody of the guitar of the instrumentals I included! If you do not posses the vinyl then this album must be surely be your next buying, if you do then again this CD will add many more things in your collection than just the CD format of the same release and you get great value for money! Contact Thunder Rider for your copy at

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