Lucky Devil

Author: John Blackwing
Music: John Blackwing & Bruce Corian

© 2002 Thunder Rider Publishings
Produced by Thunder Rider Productions

You lucky devil, you really got it made
You’re burning souls every night and day
You’ll get your turn, just you wait and see
The Lord is coming and you cannot flee.

Lucky devil, lucky devil, lucky devil.

The Lord exclaims, "You have won in the past,
to death, let the battle begin.
And this will be your last."
You lucky devil, you ain’t worried a bit -
You know you’ve been in much deeper shit.

Lucky devil, lucky devil, lucky devil,
Lucky devil, look out.

Shields of fire and swords of ice,
The crowd demands a sacrifice
The Lord’s fury, and Satan’s wrath
Erupt in chaos, in a deadly gas.

As the smoke and steam slowly clear,
The massive crowd starts to hiss and jeer
It appears that Satan has won,
But no, wait, they are not done
In a blinding flash, as bright as the sun,
The Lord has struck the final blow
The devil is now a legend, for he exists no more.



Copyright © 2003, Thunder Rider Productions. All rights reserved.