Heavy Metal Wizzard

Author: John Blackwing
Music: John Blackwing & Bruce Corian
© 2002 Thunder Rider Publishings
Produced by Thunder Rider Productions

Into the city he roars
One thousand horses at his command.

A glistening white chariot
Rides like starlight across the land.

The power that he holds
Within his mighty grasp,
Would make any demon run and hide
For fear of fatal clash.

As he unleashes his strength,
People gather from miles around.
They come to witness magic,
Blinding lights and thunderous sound.

He's the heavy metal wizzard
And he's brewing up a rock storm

Heavy metal Wizzard,
Heavy metal rock storm,
Molten metal blizzard,
Heavy metal Wizzard

The wizzard is lord master,
King of warlocks, far and wide.
He’s got the devil by the horns
And God stands by his side.

His deed is done,
The storm has passed.

His visit here was not the first,
Nor will it be the last.

He’s the heavy metal wizzard
And he’s brewing up a rock storm.



Copyright © 2003, Thunder Rider Productions. All rights reserved.