Devil 's Playground

Author: Mike Headstone
Music: John Blackwing & Bruce Corian
© 2002 Thunder Rider Publishings
Produced by Thunder Rider Productions

It’s time to meet your death
You’d better pray with your last breath
Down in the devil’s playground
Satan’s waiting to smash and pound.

The devil’s playground
Darkness has you tied and bound
Way down in the pits of hell
Faceless figures start to chant their spell.

The guillotine and the rack
You’d better run from the hungry pack
You’re far beyond the point of no return
Turning your mind starts to turn and burn.

So you’re down in the dungeon
You’re running mad, ready to bludgeon
Satan’s planning your demise
So you’d better say your last good-byes.


Copyright © 2003, Thunder Rider Productions. All rights reserved.