Death Angel

Author: John Blackwing
Music: John Blackwing & Bruce Corian

© 2002 Thunder Rider Publishings
Produced by Thunder Rider Productions

In the valley of darkness
A faceless figure stands.

As he walks toward you
He reaches out his hand.

Death angel, death angel

The cold is relentless
As he draws so near.

You tremble and shake
For you’ve never known such fear.

Paralyzed by the sight
Of the angel in black
Not a dream, nor a nightmare
You’re facing the fact.

Death angel, death angel


He takes you by the arm,
Skeletal fingers pierce your flesh.

Your life blood drains away
While you search for a prayer to pray.

As the lightning cracks the sky
And the ground begins to quake,
You scream out loud "Death Angel,
There must be some mistake".

Thoughts of good and evil
Race through your mind.

Will you go to hell
Or to the great divine.

Death angel, death angel



Copyright © 2003, Thunder Rider Productions. All rights reserved.